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Become a Volunteer Board Member to Make a Difference in Your Community.

ILS helps adults with physical disabilities and seniors live independently in their homes and communities. We help make this important work possible. Join us to support full life living in Simcoe County and help make a difference!

Benefits of being an ILS Board Member:
  • Build relationships with people in your community
  • Make an impact and drive meaningful change
  • Contribute your unique knowledge and skills

Board Member FAQs

Our Board members can serve for a maximum term of 6 years based on our bylaws. These rules are in place to ensure regular turnover on the Board of Directors. All positions are voluntary.

Anyone over the age of 18 with Canadian citizenship and an interest in supporting individuals with disabilities, physical limitations and seniors throughout Simcoe County can apply. We welcome applicants from different areas of Simcoe County with relevant lived experience and a broad reflection of identities including Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBTQ2SI+, age, abilities and socioeconomic background. Internationally trained professionals welcome.

Board members help oversee the governance & strategic planning of the Agency and ensure ILS achieves its Mission and Vision to build and strengthen communities in Simcoe County. On the Board, we encourage a diversity of views, strategic leadership, a clear distinction between Board and administration roles, collective decision-making, a focus on the future and proactivity.